Chocolate Number Cake With Vanilla Buttercream Recipe

July 17, 2021 1 min read 2 Comments

I designed my Cookie Cake Templates with cookie cakes in mind but they are also perfect to use as cake stencils.  The DoughCuts number and letter templates are all 11" tall, the perfect size for a celebration birthday cake. 


I recently made this chocolate number 8 cake for my daughter Emmy's birthday.  I have made this chocolate cake recipe many times over the years because it is so easy and it also tastes great!  It works well if you want to substitute with gluten free flour or made it dairy free. 


The recipe below makes enough for 2 large 12" square cakes. 


After baking the cakes, chill them before cutting around your number stencil carefully with a serrated knife.

Number 8 Cake Stencil on Chocolate Cake


I coloured one third of my buttercream teal and the rest in pink.  The first layer I piped with a 13mm round nozzle and for the top layer I used 2 different star nozzles.  I refrigerate the first piped layer for 15 minutes to firm up the buttercream before adding the top layer.

Vanilla Buttercream Piped On Number 8 Chocolate Cake

I refrigerate the whole cake again for at least 15 minutes before adding the toppers.


The toppers I made were vanilla cookies topped with fondant, mini chocolate blocks, meringues, chocolate pretzels and chocolate strawberries.  I purchased Lindt chocolate balls. 

Making Cookie Cake Toppers

Here is the result!  The full recipe is below.

Happy baking!  Lisa xo

Number 8 Birthday Cake For Girl Made Using Stencil

Easy to make birthday cake toppers for number eight birthday cake


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Leonie post
Leonie post

April 30, 2024

They look amazing

Fanoula Daliouris
Fanoula Daliouris

February 22, 2022

Hi they look amazing hun, I will definitely be ordering the complete set

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