Everyday Shapes Set of 6 Cookie Cake Templates

Our reusable everyday shape set of cookie cake templates are the perfect tools to help you make a decorated cookie cake, cream biscuit, cream tart or just a large cookie.  

Included in this set are:

STAR: 280mm tall x 294 mm wide / 11" tall x 11.6" wide

HEART: 280mm tall x 390mm wide / 11" tall x 15.4" wide

FLOWER: 280mm tall x 290mm wide / 11" tall x 11.4" wide

TREE: 297mm tall x 280mm wide / 11.7" tall x 11" wide

RING/WREATH: 280mm tall x 280mm wide / 11" tall x 11" wide

DOG BONE: 190mm tall x 350mm wide / 7.5" tall x 13.8" wide

Material: Plastic

Care Instructions: Handwash in warm soapy water.

Simply place your cookie template over your rolled out cookie dough and cut around the template with our cookie dough cutting tool or a knife.

Customer Reviews

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Everyday shapes

Beautifully packaged and presented in a folder to help store them.
Havent used them as yet but looking forward to using in the very near future. Appear to be easy to use.