Skull Cookie Cake Recipe

October 03, 2022 3 min read

Do you celebrate Halloween at your place?  I know Halloween is getting more popular each year here in Australia and I like any excuse to get baking!  Here is a recipe for a cookie cake you can make and share with your family for Halloween.  You could even decorate it with your favourite Halloween candy.  I picked up some cute Halloween sprinkles from The Sprinkle Co and I knew right away I was going to make a skull cookie cake using them as my colour inspiration.

I used our print at home skull cookie cake template available here to create the 2 skull cutouts.  The skull is 11" or 28cm tall.  This template gives you the option to cut the shorter at the jaw line and also optional cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth.  For my version I just cut out the eyes.  The sprinkles I used for the mouth were in the sprinkle blend I purchased.


The full recipe is at the bottom of the page.

Make my vanilla cookie dough to cut out your two skull cookies.  I cut out the eyes only for my top layer.


 Skull Cookie Cutouts For Large Cookie Cake

Use the leftover cookie dough to cut out any shapes you might like to use for cookie cake toppers or to serve with your cookie cakes.  I made some little ghosts.  Alternatively you can put the leftover cookie dough into the freezer to use another time.


I coloured some white fondant with pink/purple, and black food colouring, rolled it out and used mini Halloween cookie cutters (my cutters came from Cookie Cutter Shop) to cut out skulls, spiders, ghosts and bats.  Allow these to air dry. 

You can also cut out your fondant tops of any cookies you cut out earlier.  I used our Message Maker Stamp Set and stamped Boo! onto some of the ghost fondant topped cookies.  I attach the fondant tops to the cookies using a little water on the back of the fondant.

You can prepare your fondant toppers a few days in advance and once dry store them in an airtight container.

Message Maker Stamp Set

Fondant Topped Ghost Cookies Stamped for Halloween


I iced the top layer of cookie with royal icing coloured with gel food colour.  I used a pre-mix royal icing (I used Queens brand) from the supermarket that I just added water and food colour to.  The icing looked dark grey when I first made it but dried black.  I wouldn't have minded if it had stayed grey, it still would have worked.  I used a piping bottle with a 2mm opening to pipe the outline of the skull and then I added a little bit more water to make the icing a bit runnier and used the same bottle to flood the rest of the cookie with the icing, using a tooth pick to pop any air bubbles and to smooth the icing over any gaps it didn't cover.  When the royal icing wasn't quite dry I added sprinkles to the mouth area of the skull.

Allow this royal icing to set completely before assembling the cookie with the buttercream.  Alternatively you could use buttercream for the top skull cookie if you prefer.

 Royal Icing On Large Skull Cookie



Using my vanilla buttercream (recipe below) pipe the buttercream onto the bottom layer of cookie cake.  I used a 13mm fine star icing nozzle.

 Bottom Layer of Skull Cookie Cake

Put the top layer of cookie on top of the first layer and pipe buttercream just on the crown section of the cake.  

I coloured some buttercream pink/purple to match the fondant and piped it into one eye and also a few places along the crown.

Fill the other eye hole up with buttercream and then top with lots of sprinkles.

Add your fondant toppers and sprinkles to the skulls crown.  You can then chill it in the fridge for at least half an hour before serving.  The chilling just makes it easier to cut through the buttercream without it squishing out the sides.

Skull Cookie Cake

Skull Cookie Cake With Vanilla Buttercream

Close up details of a skull cookie cake crown

I LOVE the little details on a cookie cake and this one is no exception.  Even my little fondant skull toppers have sprinkle crowns.  I had so much fun creating this cookie cake and my girls (4 and 7) were great helpers and taste testers.


I'd love to see your Halloween cookie cake creation.  Here's a link to our complete Halloween collection of cookie cake templates


Happy baking!



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