Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie Cake Recipe

February 10, 2021 1 min read

Is there anything that smells more like Christmas than the smell of gingerbread cookies baking?   Mmmmmm... yum!  The recipe for my gingerbread Christmas tree cookie cake with cream cheese buttercream is at the bottom of page.

Using our plastic reusable tree cookie cake template, cut out your gingerbread shape.  We also have a print at home tree template available.

Image of Christmas Tree Cookie Cake Stencil With Rolled Out Dough


I used the leftover gingerbread cookie dough to make cute little cookie toppers for my cookie cake.  I used 2 of my favourite cookie cutters for this, a little deer and a town hall or church.  These were both purchased from Cookie Cutter Shop.  I love the stainless steel cookie cutters they sell for their durability and ease of cleaning - dishwasher safe! 

Image of small gingerbread cookies to be used as cake toppers


Below is my large Christmas tree cookies along with the toppers I made and sprinkles ready to be assembled. 

Image of Cookie Cake components all ready to assemble


And the finished product!

Image of Close Up of Gingerbread Cookie Cake


Image of Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie Cream Tart


I'd love to see your baking creations.  You can email me pictures to or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy baking!



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